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Create more value with less work by working smarter

In the world of dairy farming, the influence of global factors, such as weather events and the volatility of prices cause farmers to seek opportunities to stabilise expenses and improve earnings. DairyNext can help you achieve this by teaching you how to achieve Lean production and Lean farming.

Lean production is both a way of thinking and a toolbox of different techniques to succeed in working smarter. Increase your farm's profitability by going Lean! Implementation of Lean farming leads to reduced expenses as well as freeing up time to work on growing the dairy business. 

Your benefits

By implementing Lean farming you achieve a structured work day by identifying and eliminating all unnecessary activities. With less firefighting and more motivated employees, your farm will be in a flow of continuous improvements in many areas, such as:

- Better productivity, with more milk produced per man hour.

- More motivated staff with high team spirits and increased responsibility.

- Systematic and visible goal management.

- Pleasant, clean farm with everything in its proper place.

- Better communication and fewer mistakes.

- Fewer unexpected breakdowns.

- Lower costs for labour, feeding, machine maintenance, etc.

- More effective workflow.

- Fewer errors in key processes.

- Your business will be more robust and resilient, and you can start to grow.

Lean farming in four simple steps

DairyNext has an effective, but simple four-step plan to implement Lean farming.

Step 1: To better understand your visions and plans, one of our advisors will question you about what you want the most on your farm and what your goals are. To get a clear perspective, our advisor will ask you for a tour of the farm.

Step 2: DairyNext will conduct a workshop for you and your management in the Lean philosophy. We will collect data from your farm, and together we will set goals and break them down into daily tasks.

Step 3: Together, we will find the tools to reduce the gap and start achieving your goals. You and your staff can attend workshops offered by DairyNext to learn about Lean methods.

Step 4: We will follow up and help you create a culture where Lean farming is the focus. You might want to implement new Lean methods and broaden the Lean philosophy in your business, and we will guide you in doing this.

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