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Engaging the services of DairyNext will result in a productive relationship. As a reliable partner we’ll get you started, keep your dairy enterprise running, and make sure you constantly improve your business.

With our straightforward problem solving approach, and extensive experience and knowledge, we’ll advise you on, and help you with, almost any issue on the broad scale of dairy farm management.

Out dairy advice includes the following areas:

- Land: designing action plans, and providing advice about fertilisers and manure usage.

- Animals: dairy nutrition, feeding protocols, feed rations, genetic and breeding programs, programs for stocking young animals.

- Personnel: developing policies, provide training courses on a variety of subjects.

- Milking: identify what works best for your business; automatic or traditional systems.

- Management: how to implement Lean in your dairy enterprise.

- Strategy: developing long-term business and investment plans.

- Budgeting.

- Volatility and risk management.

For processors and cooperatives, we provide help and advice on:

- Ways to optimise and improve your processes.

- Starting up cooperatives.

- Improving quality.

- Implementing innovation, such as new systems, techniques and products.

- Setting up protocols and implementing Lean.

- Efficient and effective logistics.

We also provide a range of other services, including:

- Assistance with all types of projects, from small steps to turnkey projects.

- Organise study trips.

- Organise exchange programs for students.

- Provide training for schools, companies and industry.

- Provide 'Train the Trainer' programs.

- Arrange the delivery of animals.

- Deliver products, material and equipment.

Please contact us to see how we can improve your dairy farm management.

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